Thursday, August 7, 2008

Heat, Humidity, the South in the Summer

I know, I know, "What was I thinking"???? I should be on the coast of Oregon or Washington, or back in the Mountains of North Carolina or Flagstaff or Cape Breton. But for reasons that will remain my special secret, I am in Charleston, North Carolina. I arrived yesterday afternoon on a day that was setting a record at 100 degrees with humidity at about the same level. I nearly lost it to sun stroke while hooking and setting up Ms. Capri. Fortunately an unlikely Angel named Ernie rescued me. I did have to lay down with a cold cloth and AC to recover.

Early evening I drove into the historic district of Charleston and was wowed by the beautiful homes and interesting streets, shops and brave souls strolling about. I however, viewed all this from the air conditioned, front seat of my automobile.

Today it is going to be another scorcher so I shall again seek out AC and see what I can in comfort. Tomorrow however, the temps are slated to fall to the 80's and I shall be touring this beautiful and interesting city. I hope to have pictures and stories to share. Until then, stay cool.