Monday, August 18, 2008

Jekyll Island, GA. & The Sea Turtle Center

I am staying at the Jekyll Island Campground, a beautiful place. The park is in a natural setting with lots of trees and access to the beaches. Jekyll Island is owned by the State of Georgia so it has not been as developed as some of the other barrier islands, a refreshing change. I came here to visit the Sea Turtle Center. Today I toured the center and took pictures of the turtles. The center is actually a hospital for the turtles they find injured or struggling. They are doing a great job of saving the species and it was an interesting tour.

I am also keeping an eye on the weather channel so I can track Hurricane Fay. It looks like my plans to go to St. Augustine to meet up with my friend Sandy are going to change. She lives on the west, Gulf coast of Florida. Way north near Panama City. We were worried for a while that Fay was headed Sandy's way but now it seems to be going northeast. Sooooo, tomorrow morning I will decide where to go. I sure don't want to experience my first hurricane, especially in my Ms.Capri.

Now, a few words about mosquitoes. I hate the little vultures. I have been bitten so many times on this trip. They seem to love my ankles....I have tried every kind of repellent with minimal success. I just hope none of the miserable little creatures are carrying the West Nile Virus. I have invested in benedryl spray, and amonia in a effort to stop the itching. Actually, they both work pretty well, a plus. Last night I was fast asleep when I woke to a buzzing in my ear and damn! I got bit. Next I am going to try an achohol bath, both internally and externally. Hope springs eternal.