Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Hope for my Country

I'm up to my ears in the Democratic Convention and I am filled with hope and longing.
Last night I watched Ted Kennedy, the Liberal Lion of my party. He is in the last years of his life, and the last of the brothers that inspired me from the time I was a young girl. With the challenge of a brain tumor, he came to the party and had me in tears considering the legacy of his work on behalf of people that he had no reason to champion. He is a rich and privileged man who certainly has had his measure of mistakes but during all his life, he has worked on behalf of those of us who do not share his bank balance. He didn't have to....he chose public service and service on my behalf. I am humbled by your choice and I thank you Senator Kennedy.

Michelle Obama....a woman to be admired. What a wonderful speech she made last night. She is an intelligent woman, clearly a dedicated mother, a woman who clearly loves her husband and a professional woman who chose to work in areas that were heart driven instead of money, prestige and ego driven. I'll be proud to have her as the First Lady of the United States of America. It was also refreshing to see two well behaved children who loved their daddy.

Now to Hillary Clinton. Wow! What a magnificent woman. She has grown way past Bill and has always been a class act. I have to admit, I wanted her to be my President but that was not to be. And to see the "loser" rise to support our Country and set aside her ego to support Barrack Obama. She did everything right in my eyes. She focused on the spirit of our Country....the spirit! The reason we exist. Not to make corporations Gods.....not to be military aggressors for all the wrong reasons.....not to ignore the weak, the poor, the sick, the neediest of us....not to take and take and carry ourselves in arrogance as though we have all the answers for all the world.

My hope for the USA is to be better than we have been and as good as we were meant to be. I want to take care of the people in our Country that haven't yet been exposed to strong parenting, successful role modes, who have been focused on survival without the luxury of higher ground, and the hope that fills the spirit and gives us the ability to rise above our lowest points and opens our hearts to the sadness and failings of others. I want to be proud of the USA again. I want the world to see us as the Nation of promise for the oppressed, a place where people can be safe from tyranny and suppression. I want to be able to stand proud and be confident in saying,"the USA would never torture, deny civil rights, ignore people in need or put profits above ethics."

I think Barrack Obama and Joe Biden are the best opportunity we have to change the course of our country. I plan to work for this ticket and although I know change is not an immediate thing, I know that intention is powerful and the Obama-Biden intention is where I want to be.

I want the America of my dreams back. I want to travel the world without feeling the need to apologize for our aggression and arrogance. My hope for my Country I send up to my God....."open our hearts, take away the desire to make war....let us care for the most needy of our population, let the rich be abundant in spirit as well as material goods...let us embrace our best selves and let our actions reflect the highest good for all. Let our Country be the place where hard work and ethical behavior lead to success for those of us born here and those of us who come here for just this opportunity." This is my hope for my country and my family, my neighbors, my friends, my leaders and my world.
God Bless My America