Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mexico Beach, Florida

I left Jekyll Island planning to head to Mexico Beach, Florida. I was going to do the trip in 2 days but once I got rolling I went into driving mode and did the 350 miles in one day. I arrived at Rustic Sands, where Sandy lives, on Tuesday night. I have to say, it feels so good to know that I am going to stay put for a while. Sandy and I have been watching the FAY show and trying to figure out where this storm is headed. We had planned to go to Pensacola, Florida for the weekend but scraped that plan and decided to stay at Rustic Sands and see how the storm went. We did well, some rain and mild winds. Nothing to be concerned about, hurray.

I've been watching the political news and have to say I am basically pleased with the choice of Joe Biden as the Dem VP. I would have loved to have seen Hillary on the ticket but I'm prepared to work for an Obama-Biden ticket. I hope the Hillary supporters come around and support Obama....I can't believe they would actually vote for McCain when the chips are down. I want change in this Country....and to me, Obama-Biden is the only choice.

Here are my Mexico Beach pictures. I expect I will have more.