Friday, July 22, 2011

Back in Dublin

I finally got rid of the rental car on Monday. Couldn't get out of it fast enough! Now I am back at my Dublin Base, Botanic View B&B...they have posted a video on just search for Botanic View B&B. I've been doing all the necessaries....laundry, emails, banking, etc.
My last stop before Dublin was in Kilkenny. Lovely town with a castle and a beautful old Cathedral. I went to church there last Sunday and ran into "friends of friends"....such a small world. I have great pics but they are stuck in my camera. I forgot to put the memory card in and I don't have a way to get the pics in the camera to my computer. I know there was a cord that did that when I bought the camera but I haven't see it in a long time....Damn!
I have been enjoying talking with the other residents at Botanic View...especially a young couple from Bavaria and a man from the UK. The best part of travel for me, is to meet people from other countries and share stories. We really are more alike than not. I've also enjoyed watching Irish and UK news. They have big problems and their politicos seem no better equipped to come up with solutions then ours in the US. I assume the DEMS and REPS are still playing "chicken" with the debt ceiling. Am I the only one that feels like we are back in Kindergarten??
Well I'm off to explore some more of Dublin. I love that it is not raining.