Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lawd, didn't it rain!!

And rain, and rain and rain. I love my B&B in Galway. Griffin House at #3 Father Griffin Place. Ann and Marie run it and Ann is a hoot! I've been well cared for, food is excellent but more than that, Ann has made me feel like an old friend and we have laughed ourselves inside out. My "adventures in travel" would make a great comedy show. I've seen the City of Galway quite by accident. I start out with my map and my intention and always end up somewhere interesting but not where I had planned to go. Then I get to recount my trip to Ann and enjoy it all over again. Today a milestone, I finally found my way home....accidently.
Yesterday I took a bus tour to the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher. It was raining and foggy the whole trip but the driver was kind enough to describe what we would see if it was clear. It reminded me of all the times I had visitors when I lived on Whidbey Island in WA. and had to do tours like this. Brought back some fun memories. "there is a beautiful view of snow topped,Mt. Baker when it is not cloudy"....
The tour yesterday had some amazing moments. The Burren itself is an ecological wonder. Over 320 square kilometers of unique limestone that is home to over 70% of Irelands native flora. Flowers growing out of the stone...the 16th Century Castle Dunguaire, a good deal of it still habitable. And most amazing of all, the standing stone Poulnabrone Dolmen,a tomb constructed by Neolithic farmers approximately 5,800 years ago, making it older than the Egyptian Pyramids. I also loved the stacked stone fences....all hand done, no cement.
We stopped for lunch at a great pub in Doolin. Our tour drivers home town. I made 2 new Irish friends so I had good company at the table. They were from Dublin and had never seen this part of Ireland. Lovely ladies who were happy to welcome me. By the way, even the Irish cows are friendly.
Tomorrow I head for Limerick. Everyone tells me not to go to Limerick, it does not have a good reputation among the locals. But the Guide books say it has changed after several million euro were invested by the government in upgrading the town. The attraction for me is the hotel with an indoor swimming pool. The weather is predicted to bring rain through the weekend and I'd rather be swimming in water than driving in it. So I plan to "hole up" for a few days and get some excercise. Plus my arthritis is screaming at me in all this damp and cold. The pool and jacuzzi sound like just what I need. Hope you enjoy the pictures....send me some sunshine, please!!