Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Camera Found, New pics coming

Camera had fallen between the bed and the wall. Was found when the sheets were changed! Luck of the Irish is back. Now I need to get out and take some pics....problem today is heavy rain in Galway....so I'm glad to have 4 days here to see the sites.
Yesterday was the "day from hell"! Picked up my rental car from Dan Dooley's and had a couple of surprises cost wise...When it is all in, I will have spent about $1300 to rent a car for 2 weeks. I probably could have taken tours to the places I wanted to see for that money and saved myself the anxiety that rises in billows from the left hand side of the road. "Too late smart"!
I rented my car yesterday at about noon. Headed out on the motorway and about 10 miles out, the left front tire blew! Scared the shite out of me...big noise and then finding a place pull over off the Motorway was a challenge. Once done, a wonderful, young couple stopped to help. He put the spare on and she kept me from a major meltdown. Ended up calling the rental car office and they sent out a replacement car. All was going well with them until they called later to tell me I would have to pay for the tire! All that insurance I bought didn't cover the tires or windshield. Learn something new every day.
Entered Galway and started driving on the left, in traffic. My problem seems to be seeing where the left side of the car is. First thing off, I managed to come close enough to a car to pop my side mirror back. Interesting experience...fortunately the car I hit was parked and I did not seem to do it or mine any damage. Couldn't find the B&B where I was booked so I called and yet another wonderful Irish person walked out to find me. Amazing customer service.
Today the rains have come and I believe it will not be a good day to go exploring. Good nap weather....so until next time....I'm for some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's.