Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Camera is Missing!

Yesterday I spent the day in Dublin and realized I had forgotten my camera. I went to a Craft/Food Street Market that was fun and colorful. Walked through the Temple Bar district, historic and filled with pubs....I think it should be called "Tourist Central"!LOL I pretty much walked to every part of the City. Finally figured out the street name thing. They put the names on the side of the buildings on the corner....but sometimes the names are in the middle of the block so it is not a perfect system. I did manage to find most every place I wanted to find. Big improvement over my first day of wandering like a lost soul. Ended up the day at my favorite store Marks and Spencer and bought my "heat and eat" dinners for the next two nights plus pears and blueberries. Caught the #19 Bus home. Couldn't find the's lost, Damn! Fortunately, no pics on it....all have been downloaded.
I was planning to take the Dart train to Hoath today. Hoath is a seaside town with a Sunday Farmers Market and a bevy of seafood restaurants. Anthony Bourdine featured the place on his Ireland Show. Problem was, I woke up this morning in so much pain that I could barely get out of bed. Damn Arthritis got me. I guess all the walking I have been doing carrying a heavy tote bag, has done me in. I should have paced myself better. Even on the days I planned to rest, I walked away half the day. I have to remind myself that I no longer have the body and endurance of a 40 year old. I thought all the gym time I've put in over the past 6 months would make a big difference and it probably has but 6 days of walking for hours was just too much. I stayed in bed until about 2PM when the B&B owner knocked on the door to check on me. I'm up and doing some stretching to see if I can loosen my muscles a bit.
Tomorrow I pick up my rental car and head out for two weeks. I won't be doing as much walking so things should be better physically. Assuming I can manage to keep from having any collisions with driving on the left and my new GPS works, it should be great fun....I do love road trips.