Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hoath Trip, Sunny Seaside

I took the train out on Sunday to the seaside City of Hoath. It is a scenic Fishing village that supplies much of Dublin's fresh seafood, as well as a harbor for recreational sailing. It was a beautiful day for a walk around the harbor. I had one of the best Salmon dinner's ever, and I know Salmon! People everywhere enjoying a sunny day out. They also had a Farmer's Market where the Hot Item was "OBama Bread", fit for a president!

I'm finding, that much like Seattlites, Dubliners get outside the minute the sun shines. The train ride was fun, short and scenic. I loved the color of the green line.
When I got home Sunday night, I started getting sick. I thought it was perhaps food poisoning but now realize it was just a bug which I am hoping will not stay long. This is my last week in Ireland. I have a tour scheduled for Thursday to the Wicklow Mountains. They are described as the "Garden of Ireland", so I'm looking forward to a beautiful view from the bus.