Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Sun Was Shining and Dublin Was Buzzing!

What a beautiful day in Dublin. Sunshine makes such a difference!! People were out and about....including me. Today I visited Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells. What an amazing piece of history. So beautiful and so old. They did not allow pictures but I purchased a DVD of the contents. I also visited St. Stephen's Green which is both an interesting shopping center and a beautiful City Park. I did so much walking today I had to finally find a place to sit down, have a Guinness and dinner before I could face the bus home. (Any excuse for a Guinness)
The exciting thing today was the Zombie Walk that took place in Dublin. A whole group of young people were costumed and made up to look like Zombies and they were all over the downtown area. I stopped at Starbucks (the only one I have found in Ireland) and there were two beautiful, young Zombie girls at the next table. I couldn't resist having a picture.